After the split up of 2 dutch punkbands, Deadlock and Gepopel, in 1986, Erik, Herry and Rolf got together to start a new band, Saudade. Disappointed by the punk-movement, where so many anti-rockstars had become rockstars, they band set off as a pop/wave band. The line-up was completed with Sandra and Alex, but Alex was soon replaced by Erix. But blood is thicker than water, and the music slowly progressed back towards punk. This eventually led to the departure of Erix, and a change of name into Yawp!, in 1989.

In 1991 Yawp recorded their first album, The World According to Yawp!, but before the officially release, Sandra left the band. Yawp now once again changed its sound dramatically, cos with the departure of Sandra the female vocals were replaced by the male vocals of Rik, and her keyboards were replaced by another guitar. The place of second guitarist has been filled in by Steven and later Eric. During these days the second album (first on CD) was recorded, called "Excuses for Hate".

In 1996 Yawp went on its first major tour, to Australia. This was a major experience for all of them, as touring is not something most dutch bands do a lot. Unfortunately Rolf couldn't join them, and was replaced by Louwrens on bass. They played with a lot of great Australian bands like The Blitz Babiez and Toe to Toe.

Back home Yawp had to face reality again. During the recording of the next CD, "No more excuses", Rik left the band, and Herry took over on vocals. Because of this the recordings were meant to be nothing but a demo, but Henk Kangaroo wanted to release the CD anyway. And so it was done.

Shortly after the release of No More Excuses the line-up changed again. With Jevin as parttime bassist and guitarist, Yawp came to another height with Daan and Jorix. The 4th album "Progression" was released in 2000 and was received really well. We did more gigs than we had done ever, and we finanlly seemed to be heading for a little acknowledgement.

But still the dream fell apart in the summer of 2001. All 4 members were faced with (different) health problems, and the band couldn't perform for a long time. The autumn of 2003 turned of to be a feeble attempt, but it was too early still.

Luckily things seem to get better again. In februari 2006 we finally did a show again, that counted for us. So we hope that in the autumn of this anniversary year we will be more often of stage again.