The storm
Herry / Herry
Can you come around this many once again
(But you'll never)
Has this scene frightened you too much instead
(You just don't care)
All you're going through, the same old performances
(words do not count)
We ignore what you adore...

How you think you've seen the light
and the halls you wanna live
And the noises that have bought you
will have nothing left to give
Now you're standing outside
while the factory doors are closed
Still you are too blind to see
What has caused you overdosed

Memories extracted from a mind without a heart
Just like once there were the Pharasees
It's a storm and this time it searches room to live
And it's got you down on your knees

Heroes rule the frontrow now, it scares me so
(There's no message)
Agony for what I lost, now hear the big blow
(It is the storm)
Radicals are gone in deluge from their thrones
(Oh, my silence)
Down in this storm I just can't think...

Rightwing politicians now can finally close their eyes
On the barricades we're dying away cos we know it's paradise
Cynical sympathy, but my God, it looks so real
Killing my awakeness and it's lying to what I feel

'Storm, oh my storm, it's the truth now you're gone
Hardly good enough to be my past
Individuality, you'd better shut your mouth
Tis not your fault that you didn't last...'