Little hero
Herry / Herry
She lived a life abstained from love
Free to do, but what she wanted
Little girl with a lonely heart
Locked up and rejected
Then she said: I don't need you
Don't you tell me what to do
Don't you live my life for me
I know where I wanna be

People throw cats outta cars
Then they met on a townroad
The poor thing, it couldn't walk
Needed care at her home
Her dad said: I don't need that
Took a gun and shot the cat
How could such a heartless soul
Love his daughter at all

No one now could stop her tears
So much hate built up inside her
But this time she swore revenge
And her fear had turned to anger
Then she waited for the night
Sleeping parents do not fight
She knew where to find dad's gun
Mum and dad, they will never see the sun