Denying freedom, enhancing your control
Tearing on the borders of democracy
Pretending you're concerned,
but you don't care at all
You just wanna rearrange society

FEAR! You force upon us
FEAR! To gain control
FEAR! You're lying smoothly
FEAR! To rule the world

Manipulate the media to your likes
Terrified people will not critisize
War on communism
War on drugs
War on terrorism, you don't give two fucks

Enemies everywhere, is it paranoia?
Or are you just a child playing games?
The policy is frightening,
but what are we afraid of?
The fear and threat have always been the same
Who's a terrorist, and who fights for freedom?
And even more, who are you to judge?
You're just protecting your interests with wars
you're the one to be afraid of