As time goes by and heals the wounds,
still it haunts from day to day
And at night dreams re-enact the scene
You feel dirty, you feel used,
but the questions still remain
That distracts you from what's really been
And you wallow in this guilt, that you know is untrue
And you drown in sweat, there's nothing you can do
And you keep wondering was it something that you did
And hide from reality when the story doesn't fit

You run away, you run away,
you run away, but you never get nowhere
And you keep your problems hidden,
cos that way they are no threat
Tho a part of you has died and you turn inward instead
And again you point the finger at yourself

You're socially disabled, your sincerity has declined
Every encounter is judged a million times
Tho common sense has given you the change to see it thru
But you still can't be as open as you'd like
Every harmless hug sends a shockwave thru your spine
And your smile hides a paranoid borderline
They have tried to tell you that ignorance is bliss
But you're chased by memories that you would rather miss

Desensitized by time, you feel rest in daily routine
While controlling your emotions still at task
Sudden bursts of rage and sudden bursts of tears
Describe the legacy of your past
A male dominated world likes to think there is a rule
"A man needs to have sex or he might lose control"
There is no such rule that gives a man the right to rape
The thought it was your fault, is your only one mistake