If looks could kill

Stick to my guns and then,
You say that I am a dreamer
Times have changed, but so have I
Just changed a little cleaner

A friendly smile makes your face crack
If looks could kill you’d shoot me in the back

Now less than the shade
Of a great life-story
You still think you’re cool
And that looks so sorry

Many friends to betray
In that little world of yours
And you never spread the poise
It was me to twist your words

Everything you said back then now seems
A lie, futile, so sad to see

You’re having such a good time bringing people down
But it takes a mirror to see a pathetic clown
You play the same songs, just use different chords
You talk the same crap, just use different words
All that leaves your mouth is a twist of the truth
To redefine punk means the end of you