Anarchy and fun
Herry / Herry
A band with a message eversince we began
We found our way called anarchy and fun
There's nothing wrong with thinking, but not too much for me
So let's cut the crap, this time it's party

Anarchy and fun, anarchy and fun
The right to remain happy
Anarchy and fun, anarchy and fun
Don't make your life so crappy
You can't have a bad mood every day
Because it's not OK
One day even you will see
Anarchy and fun is how it's gotta be

You say you hate the government, well, I don't like 'em too
But you waste your life with hate while they laugh at you
You wanna kick the cops, cos what they do is wrong
I'd like to kick 'em too, but I do it for fun

Once I lost a friend, he was in deep shit
He tried to change the world, but just didn't succeed
Well, he got so depressed, became another man
Got married, had some kids, and was never seen again