Kids on the streets
Herry / Herry
Put into a world without a future
Ain't it sad when your changes are odd
Times have changed but not the problems
And this western world doesn't offer a lot
You take a glance back over your shoulder
You don't wanna be just like your folks
So you choose to live from day to day
And you don't care what direction it goes

Kids on the streets - Running riot
You heard it before - But it's not the same
Kids on the streets - fights with the cops
You heard it before - But who's to blame

Too much pride and too few changes
No fucken thing that you can do
You wanna be a threat to society
Cos that's all the status there's for you
You imitate the gangs in L.A. city
Cos your life ain't more than a tv set
You know you won't ever be king
But at least you're honoured in the pack