In no sense
Jorix / Jorix
(dedicated to the memory of Iris Lotte)

Purged as words from life by demise
Hopes up higher, high but failed the try
Injustice done, my god, their sigh and cry
Illusive life arrived then innocence died

Innocence.....in no.......sense

Touched by the hand of time
People crying left behind
On your side time was hard to find
Now, you tears and fears are mine

Innocence.....in no.......sense

Sometimes scars don't fade away
Memories linger and thoughts betray
Despite imprudence or what some might say
Gather ye rosebuds while ye may

Side by side, still stand with pride
Compassion can no longer bide
Forever with you my mind will ride
Since yesterday when innocence died
Innocence.....in no.......sense

Describe innocence....in no sense......