Blood for Oil
Herry / Herry
How can a land be freed from some indian killers
With the guns in their hands from which the blood is still dripping
Victor Charly showed me all the profits that they make
They talk about democracy and put a million lives at stake

We're sorry for the ones who are at battle
But we only do what must be done
The wives and kids of dead soldiers
For them we got good reception homes
Don't worry about the ones we call our enemies
They're sick and they'll just get whatever they deserve
There's too much people in this world anyway
And we make big bugs along the side too

A million kids will die in a chemical cloud
They say it's for democracy 'til there's no one left too vote
When this war is over and iraqi's gone away
Who will free the people from the army of the U.S. of A.?

Put the niggers in the front-row
They're just troublecausers here at home
Now they are the ones who are at battle
While we're safely watching television in our homes

He never should've started this, no half done jobs at all
It was Bush who asked the people to cause Saddam to fall
Now they shortage of food and things are just called home affairs
The only truth for peace is when the both of them are dead