The Rain
Herry / Herry
Just you and us fighting injustice
Hoping and thriving for a better world
Fist in the air, feel like a rebel
we won't give up, we stand for our cause

But then came the rain
and you ran for shelter
leaving us cold and wet
alone out in the dark
I though I'd go in insane
Pulled myself together
Looking back and laughing hard
But I won't die
I won't surrender
Never will I surrender

Now it's just us and some new faces
Reliving old dreams once again in vain
The spirit won't die, so I'm not bitter
But every time it gnaws at my faith

Hey look who's here!?
Did you come for the party
Don't you think
You've grown a little too old
I bet you're still a rebel
somewhere deep inside
It was good to see you
I swear I thought you'd died